Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Patience, co-operation, and having to pay attention

So yes babysitting the Bratii last night. I thought I'd start where we were interrupted on Sunday by letting them play Limbo. The idea was Minor started then when he died Major would continue until he died then back to Minor etc. Minor wasn't having that and insisted Major started.

This back and forth went on until Major reached the double swinging mantraps then decided it was a) too frustrating and b) impossible. Minor persisted and worked it out. At this point Major decided he wasn't going to take his turn and would just backseat drive. He was quite happy to work out what to do, and tell Minor, then chastise him for not doing it, but when offered the controller continuously declined it.

We stopped when we reached the double door; they can start from there again next time.

Minor had been talking about YouTube and I decided to show off some of the PS3 abilities they hadn't seen. Shame the connection was so laggy, but Major wished his XBox360 had access to the internet directly and Minor just wished he had a PS3 "How much are they?" he asked. "A couple of hundred quid" I replied. He thought about it.

Onto a board game "Forbidden Island" as I've said in my review this requires co-operation. We did well shoring up areas of the island that we didn't need just to provide extra time for the ones we did. We made good use of the "At any time cards" and managed to retrieve three out of the four treasures before the island sunk on us.

With not enough time left for another game I grabbed a pack of cards and we played Go Fish. A game that requires players pay attention - having just picked up a three who was it asking for them two turns ago? Has someone picked up a card since you last asked them for cards? Both of them seem to enjoy this although Minor keeps forgetting the rules - you can only ask for a card you already have. So I'd ask if he had any Jack's and I'd Go Fish then he'd ask me if I had any Jack's.

We managed to got two hands out of it before they had to go and despite not winning Minor didn't go into a sulk.

So a reasonable evening four hours with maybe only one spent on the television.