Friday, August 19, 2011

The Riots Part 5

This just gets better and better. In my first piece I stated "The police allegedly returned the fire of a drug dealer who was shot dead as a result." except the IPCC have stated that the bullet that was proclaimed as evidence that police had been shot at was in fact from a police weapon. Anyone asking the question of exactly how the police managed to shoot one of their own in the radio? Ah yes "One theory, not confirmed by the IPCC, is that the bullet became lodged in the radio from a ricochet or after passing through Duggan." Exactly how close were they to him for that to happen?

Again allegedly he was carrying a loaded gun, but subsequently the language suggests this was found at the scene rather than being "carried" in the sense that most would understand. Where was the gun - in a pocket or the glove compartment.?

Next we'll probably discover is that he wasn't a drug dealer.

Continuing with the riot news is the "get tough" approach that means council-housed looters could be evicted apparently if even only one family member is convicted. Excellent making a group homeless because of the actions of one individual will certainly teach them a lesson and ensure they stay on the straight and narrow - pathetic.