Monday, October 13, 2008

The weekend

Saturday wasn't expected to be that nice so I made no plans for the day, setting them aside for Sunday.

So on Sunday I managed to go through most of the Sudeley Castle splitting them up into two sets Sudeley Castle and Battle. Oh and Phil Lench has created a Stouport Group which I've bunged my allotment of six photos onto. Continued some of my argu... discussions on the Shuttle Blog and then ate.

I was set to head into town and then wash my car, or vice-versa, when Bratii Famile invited themselves over; always pleasant, but sucked the time away. Ah well it gives Buftons more time to paint the front and so long as I can see out the windscreen my car isn't defined as dirty :-P


Don B said...

Many thanks for the link to Phil Lench's Stouport Flickr Group which I've joined and will add my allotted 6 photos over the next few weeks when I can fit it in between maintaining Wyfopedia and moving house.