Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Armed robbery

From the Shuttle we now have CCTV footage of a robbery which took place in Kidderminster on Friday night.

Judging from the pictures here the police are looking for three very wide white and black blobs.

Just to demonstrate the uselessness of these images here are the three again, but this time resized to something approximating the correct ratio

Having helped battle with a cheapish security camera recently I know how they can be. The model in question offering still photos at what turns out to be a decent 1600x1200, but video at only 320x240. I'm guessing the CCTV here didn't offer anything above 'TV resolution' that is 768x576 or worse 560x420. Still if you're going to publish photos at least publish the full shots at the full resolution otherwise what's the point? They're not a deterrent if there's no chance of being identified from it.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry lets hope the Nationwide Building Society had a RFID scanner installed. For some time now tattoo parlours have been inserting RFID chips in with a tattoo (if they don’t their licence is revoked) and supermarket chains have been inserting them in coats and balaclavas. So as the robbers entered the building the RFID scanner must have picked up their GUID(s) and the police will know who did it. :-)
Who needs cameras?

FlipC said...

I thought that was just for cattle, oh wait I've just looked at myself from a politician's point of view.