Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ban everything

Video games contain violence unsuitable for young ages - ban these games. People are being knifed in our street - ban knives. Youths are shining laser pointers at cars and aircraft - ban laser pointers.

All we need now is a story of someone being seriously injured by being hit by a pair of spiked running shoes and those will go on the 'Ban it' bandwagon too.

Brilliant - deprive legitimate users of tools, because a tiny minority abuse them. Oh sure some items are designed to be used in this way, but that means they're not being abused; they're fulfilling their primary function and yes those can be banned.

When will the media or government learn that clamping down on these things is as much a cure for aberrant behaviour as stuffing two tissues up your nose is a cure for the common cold? Ban knives, okay I'll carry a screwdriver instead. Ban laser pointers, okay I'll kick in that fence instead.

Why do people stab strangers in the street, why do parents let their children play 18 certificate games, why do 'youths' shine laser pointers in the sky?

Because they're bored, frustrated, ignorant? I don't know, but finding out might solve a heck of a lot of problems. Ah wait studies cost money and you particularly don't want to fund a study that would give results that you had to act on by spending yet more money.


Anonymous said...


Ah yes, it must be FlipC! :-D

Personally, I always thought you'd have to be really, really bored to think that smashing things up is a fun way to spend your evening. Kinda sad, really…

Anonymous said...

@Invisible: Sad yes but it does happen. I heard of a story from a schoolteacher in Worcester. A student hadn't turned up for school. He was being interview by police because they suspected him of cutting up a new wooden park bench into small cubes _ because he was bored.

Anonymous said...

It seems I spent my entire childhood being terrorised by kids like this. Presumably they had nothing more interesting to do than try to terrify me…

(It's not even challenging. I'm afraid of my own shadow as it is!)