Thursday, October 02, 2008

Skip the importing

Just offered as an aside as I found myself side-tracked into the topic of grey imports I decided to look at the cost of importing Lego Batman for the PS3 from Amazon USA. Cost from there $49.99 plus $3.99 for shipping and $3.99 per item (can you spell rip-off?) for a total of $57.97. Import duty of 17.5% and a carriers fee of say 2.5% to make it a round 20% puts the price up to $69.56 which converts to £39.15 so say $70 and £40.

Current price on Amazon UK... £29.98. So hey look at that the prices for each country are actually comparable for their respective inhabitants.

Oddly I can't see this game on Amazon Japan, and unless I'm reading this incorrectly GTA4 doesn't officially go on sale there until the end of October and Fallout 3 doesn't reach Nippon until the end of December; poor sods.