Friday, October 10, 2008

A convert to the PS3

My cousin, the Artist, has been asking me about the 80Gb Playstation 3 and the differences (if any) between it and the 40Gb version (answer - none bar the HD size). His original XBox360, which he was very happy with, RRODed and for some bizarre reason he never sent it back and instead picked up another. Now Devil Child has managed to break the drive door so it won't open.

Rather then pay to have it fixed he's looking at the PS3 because, in his own words, "It'll be nice to able to go online for free". In the interests of fair disclosure I did point out that the PSN was still pretty sparse, but would be getting better and you can pick up some of the demos off it.

This switch isn't wholly prompted by the free access, but by the ability to play Killzone 2 when it comes out. Bioshock is also coming out with a truck-load of downloadable content so if he picks it up he might actually finish it this time before he sells it on.

Anyway as some might recall he's really into racing games so I pointed out that Burnout Paradise was now available to download for £25 gotta remember to mention Wipeout HD next time I speak to him. Oh and knowing him he'll get a buzz out of the PSP connectivity particularly the ability to stream the Play TV broadcasts.

[Update 13/10 - he's picked up one from Gamestation with GT Prologue and Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway. He's most impressed by the graphics in the former and the latter is "bloody good". Some minor hassle to dig out his wireless encryption key due to an odd setting on his router, Sony really do need to add some better instructions in how to locate it given the 'bung the CD in' approach nowadays]