Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Road behaviour

I'm not keeping a special eye out I swear, but here's the run-down of my short lunch-time run back to work about 3 miles.

1. I'm at a junction waiting to turn right. Traffic in the lane I want to enter is clear, but there are five cars coming in my cross lane. Four of them are indicating to turn left into my junction the second car isn't indicating. I assess that if I apply more acceleration then normal I could make it out of the junction as the first car turns and clear the lane before the second crosses; however this is not something I do so I stay put. Good job I did as when the first car turned left the second car overtook it. Overtaking a car turning at a junction, overtaking a car turning at a junction when you can see another car at said junction waiting to turn right, overtaking a car turning at a junction when you can see another car at said junction waiting to turn right when there is an unbroken 'no overtaking' line running alongside your lane.

2. A car turns out of York Street into High Street and tries to stay in lane and can't because of another car parked on that corner (no parking full stop, no loading at that time) instead of stopping they muscle into my lane.

3. Approaching the middle of High Street my attention is caught by the young lad cycling down it towards me (High Street is one-way) before hopping up onto the pavement.

4. The same car as before approaches the Parkes Passage access road and starts to indicate to turn right, I slow down but stay in lane; car then parks in front of me. Thank you very much.

5. A women and two young children are standing in Vale Road next to the car-park toilets (not at the Mitton Gardens road) waiting to cross the three lanes of traffic. They're 100 yards from the uncontrolled crossing point and the only thing opposite them is the closed petrol station and the furniture showroom (which has its own car-parking) the only reason anyone is there is that they've either just been to the toilets or parked there; anyone trying to cross the road is doing so to walk towards the crossing and not the Lidl/high bridge.

I don't get it I really don't, it just seems so more prevalent now.