Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Roadworks in Stourport

The public notices appeared in the Shuttle last week, kept trying to remind myself to look at the commencement dates kept failing and oh big surprise they don't feature in the weekly or monthly reports and only tangentially in the schedule of works.

Currently they're digging up the pavement outside of Worcester Street Motors and have a set of lights there, not too bad with a reasonable turn around and sensor operated. I could check the traffic light application forms to see if it's there, but who am I kidding.

[Update 29/10 - No it isn't on the application list, and it was bad both last night and this morning. Last night as traffic wasn't clearing the island before the next lot went through and this morning it seems we had a lot of traffic. Unfair to blame the lights as it was snowing last night so everyone's slowed down.]

[However it does show up on the weekly report and is supposedly finishing today spotted while looking for the work in Caines (which is being advertised on the road) on the A449 Oct08-Aug-09 construction of a new canal bridge]

And a 10mph speed restriction has been imposed on Dunley Road between the cabalistic markings I've mentioned before to allow resurfacing, oh wait no it hasn't. It was supposed to start yesterday and last for four weeks, no sign of any restrictions and there has been no signs at all warning people of the delays.

As for allusion to the schedule of works as I've mentioned before large numbers of roads are up for resurfacing with all of them having the same start and end dates Sept-May big frickin' use there.