Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Never learn

This morning I saw the same women and child coming out of Mitton Close on their bicycles, dismount, and scurry across the three lanes of Vale Road dodging the busy traffic, mount their bikes and ride along the pavement up to the traffic lights. If I ever find myself next to them I swear I'll wind down the window and ask why she doesn't use the crossing further up.

I still find that some people are under the impression that when a pedestrian crossing turns red further up the road the cars next to them will instantly halt and thus it's quite safe to step into the road and then look to see what's coming (and look annoyed when they find traffic still moving).

Some still enjoy trying to cross the road on blind corners, the top of Bridge Street and next to the Black Star to name two main areas.

Likewise a reminder to people not using the crossings in York Street and High Street that these road have two lanes and the fact that the traffic may have stopped in one is no guarantee that traffic will have stopped in the other.