Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stourport pavements

Yes the white shiny stuff they've put down is still filthy and looks like it needs a good scrubbing, but fear not for they are putting up the finger post signs. One offset left from the map and the post hole can be seen here and one in front of the Tandoori post hole here.

[Update - posts in situ respectively here and here.]

Yes they really are putting that post right in the middle of the pavement there because they can't move it down to in front of the pub because that would block the delivery vans who pull up onto that raised bit, they can't move it down because there's both an access-way and a lamppost in the way, and they can't bring it further up because of the steps. No doubt it'll have a finger pointing at either the amusement park or the basin (and direct people to try and cross the road at this point instead of at the crossing further up) so it can't go closer to the road edge. I'll get some photos when they're finished as and when I feel like it :-)

A small note on the roads that I should have made earlier is that they've repainted the lane markings on Vale Road, Gilgal, Mitton Street and I think Lion Hill; they have of course stopped short of doing York Street as doing so would highlight the too narrow lane caused by the new parking bays; no sorry silly me it's no doubt due to them wanting to repair the gouges in them first, oh dear forget my head they're not going to patch these until they've all been dug up again by the utility companies.

Talking of patch jobs they've finally square cut out and replaced this section as they've done with the rest of Areley Common and Hermitage Way, I give it two months before the edges start to crack.