Monday, June 09, 2008

OGL Island

As part of my massive uploading to Flickr some photos need to ordered to make a point.

The OGL island has three exits/entrances for sake of ease we'll call the one from Gilgal "A", the one from Hartlebury "B" and the remaining one from Worcester "C".

First off we'll have a shot taken from the viewpoint of a vehicle approaching along A and looking at C.

There are two things to note here firstly that the when you have traffic in the left-hand lane only of C it obscures the view of the right-hand lane as you approach the island. As traffic from A only needs to stop for vehicles turning right this means drivers have no idea what's coming until they reach the island. For non-locals they may not even realise an extra lane even exists and thus be doubly confused.

The second point is made clearer in this photo.

To put it simply once a vehicle is on the island it cannot be seen from this exit. So traffic coming straight across from B prevents right-turn traffic from C allowing vehicles from A to move onto the island - except they can't see this until it's too late! As you might expect this causes traffic to come to treat this Give Way as a Stop. This particular problem is not just confined to point A.

Traffic at B cannot see if right-turn traffic at A is being stopped

Likewise traffic at C cannot see if traffic from B is being stopped

Everyone's blind to traffic on the island so is it any wonder that it comes to a halt?