Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In our news

Bridge Street traffic disruption ends proclaims the Shuttle, hurrah now all we have to do is cope with any upcoming York Street disruption, High Street disruption and/or Basin Link disruption, which will have a completely different affect on the town oh yes.

Next up Lorry sinks in road well that'll teach the driver to treat our roads as if they were fit to be driven on.

Save money through re-use yep no argument here. This is a WCC project and lo in their news archives they have this story and a non-linked website address which the Shuttle could/should have provided. I would add it myself, but hey look you can't comment on this story.

Exhibition celebrating Stourport basins Damn missed this, telling though that an exhibition on the basins is being held over the river up at Church House. Now if the old Post Office had been turned into an exhibition centre/museum...

Action call after vandal attacks The killer statement in my opinion being

[...] damage to vehicles tended to take place on Friday and Saturday nights and advised residents to park in a secure garage or in a drive, tucking in wing mirrors and pushing down aerials. She added that if it was necessary to park in the road, people should park under a street light or invest in an outdoor security light.
And don't forget the bars on your windows or your own protective sphere when you have to venture out. Okay I'm not getting the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia out, but seriously it's like the old joke -

Doctor, Doctor my arm hurts when I do this!
Then stop doing that.

What happens when everyone starts following this advice? Instead of whacking cars they'll be kicking fences and gates - this is not a solution! Well done to Spike for his comments.

Following that story I'm amused by Fall in anti-social behaviour Like so many news stories it defers from mentioning exactly how these statistics were gathered

No confidence in county council has also been reported on the WFA Hmm as the Town Council seem to have as much power as a one-watt light bulb I expect the WFDC to be shaking in their boots over this.

National chain shop fronts "tattiest" according to Jamie talking about Threshers and Blockbuster. Of the shops in High Street I'd agree those two may well be not as well maintained or as in keeping as the others, but they're not overly bad. As Spike points out

One for the diary Family fun day in Stourport or at least one for someone else's diary as I've been invited down to Weston, the only hassle is getting my car over to the pick-up point. The clutch has been re-jiggered, but I'm still not overly happy with it. Ah well a day at the seaside sounds fun, must remember the camera though.


Dan H said...

As Spike points out

Invisible said...

A lorry sank into the road?!

Remind me never to visit you! ;-)

This almost reminds me of that brand new housing estate they featured on Watchdog a while back. One day a 6-foot deep crater appeared in one of the roads. A few weeks later, a house collapsed and the house next to it has huge cracks all over it and has been declared structurally unsafe.

Of course, all the people who live here now have a slight problem. Who the hell is going to buy a house here? Nobody. And who can afford to move into another house without first selling the one they're already living in?

Yeah. Nobody.

So you've got a housing estate full of people who are trapped there and can't leave. Yay!

FlipC said...

Just don't drive here :-)

Didn't the housing estate turn out to be built above and around abandoned mine shafts? Oh and this bit is about a new estate here -
"I've also been told about the houses that lost the bottom half of their gardens down the (allegedly) unsupported bank - yeesh. Next thing you know they'll be finding old mine workings underneath it all." ... "No-one seemed to know much about the apparent slide of the gardens down a slope although the interesting question was raised about who was responsible. The builder is for 5 years, except no-one knows when that started, after that though has been left in the air."

Collapsing gardens, sunken roads come visit Wyre Forest the jewel in the heart of Worcestershire :-P