Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Stourport Town Council Meeting

I couldn't make it, some joy at work meant be unable to leave early. However Tav has pointed out a snippet from the Shuttle, which confirms reports I've had. My informant and I had a small argument as he still insists the site has been "ear-marked" for a retail despite my explaining three times that all we have is a possible A1 and a retail plan that requires a certain amount of floorspace which could be fulfilled by a single site supermarket that could only be placed on the CoW site. "Well it's not much use you knowing this if you don't tell anyone" he replied; ah the price of anonymity. I also bit my tongue over the fact that the if the councillors can't be bothered to know this what are we paying them for?

Anyway as reported the plan was approved with only two (or three) nays, provisos were added about Tesco coughing up some dosh for traffic control in the areas I've already mentioned.

so now we wait for the real decision tonight.