Monday, March 17, 2008

Publication corrections

Popping into my local WH Smiths I noted the snazzy new Guinness Book of Records Gamers Edition 2008. Attention snagged I couldn't resist flicking through it; it looked vaguely interesting, but then the page turned to a double page spread on Jak and Daxter of Playstation fame.

A quick read stated that the game was credited as being the first to realise a 3D environment with no loading screens. At which point I shut the book and put it back. See J&D was released on Dec 2001 for the Playstation 2, but Legacy of Kain a game that featured a 3D environment with no loading screens was released Aug 1999.

In fact Soul Reaver featured two environments as you could switch seamlessly between the material realm and the spirit realm, which would visibly alter and morph the environment around you. It also featured gates that allowed you to seamlessly walk between one location and another. Oh and I forgot to mention that this outstanding example of how all videogames should be by now managed to be crammed onto the now-puny hardware of the Playstation 1.


Anonymous said...

Is this the same book that described the Mandelbrot set is “the ‘most complex’ mathematical object ever discovered”?

(And also suggested that the Mandelbrot set is directly related to fluid dynamics and the stock market — when of course everybody knows it's the mathematics related to the M set, not M itself, which has these properties.)

Hmm, OK. :-)

I think somewhere they must have the real book, and the thing you buy in shops is just a carefully (??) edited dramatisation of it for the general public.

FlipC said...

It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. I visited their site to voice this possible error and the only contact details were a postal address.

There was a login ability and a Community (for which I read Forum) so I signed up there, and it really is a community and not a forum.

Next I located the group 'gamers' and in that group someone had added a comment asking how to report errors, and got an email address as a response; off went an email.

Going back to the main gamers' page I noted I wasn't logged in; yep I know you've guessed this it's a different account to the community one *sigh*.