Tuesday, February 12, 2008

You're invited?

"I'm invited" says the women holding her invitation high.
"We're invited" says the women clutching her daughter
"We're invited" chorus the group of women in the office.

Yep it's Cancer Research's Race for Life advert

Walk, jog or run 5k in the UK's largest women-only fundraising event.
"You're invited" says the women in comforting tone.

No, no I'm not - I'm male.

'Are you man enough to run this race?
Man enough to raise money for Cancer Research?
Then enter the Men-only Race for Life.
Race for Life - it's for men'

Somehow I just don't see that advert ever getting broadcast


Tav said...

Sometimes actions speak louder than words...


Tav said...

I think I found the answer, according to the website it answers the question…


"Why is Race for Life for women only?

Race for Life is the only women-only event of its type organised by Cancer Research UK. We restrict entry to women due to the wishes of our participants. It is one of our most successful events because it is a unique opportunity for women to come together in a non-competitive and celebratory atmosphere.

But Race for Life has many male supporters, who help out on the day and support the participants. Men can get involved by volunteering with us. For a lowdown on our volunteering opportunities, please call our hotline on 0871 641 2272.

Some of our Race for Life events are followed by Run for Moore 5k runs for men. So why not get the men in your life involved in raising money for Cancer Research UK too?"

Right so men make the run competitive and depressing (un-celebratory)! Thanks.

So us men can support just not participate. I'll remember that when Camelot do a woman-only lottery.

Run for Moore? Arh no FAQ, so I don't know why the Run for Moore is for men only. Well looks like I can't run in any Cancer Research UK race with my wife by my side.

FlipC said...

Hey Tav, I did spot the FAQ and had pretty much the same reaction.

I think the Run for Moore is men-only so as to make it more competitive and depressing :-)

In all seriousness I can see why they might want sex-distinct events it's just the advert annoyed me.