Friday, February 29, 2008

Stupidly suicidal

It's raining. I'm in the right-hand 'lane' of High Street, I'm forced into the left-hand lane by the car parked by the cash-point; I turn the corner into the left-hand lane and jink hard to the right to avoid the car parked there and I judder over the poor road surface.

I turn left into lane 1 of Vale Road with one car before me and a gap behind, one car is coming up from Mitton Street and seems to be staying in lane 3. I signal and shift to lane 2 which is clear of traffic, I watch as the Mitton Street car shifts into lane 2 and I prepare to shift to lane 3; which happens much more violently then I expect when I swerve to avoid the stupid young women standing in the middle of lane 2 trying to continue to cross the road.

From turning the corner to swerving it all took place in less then 10 seconds, but she was this close to becoming a dented stain on my car and all because she couldn't be bothered to walk the 30 yards to the crossing point.


Invisible said...

Hmm, natural selection at work! :-D

FlipC said...

It certainly makes you understand why the USA has jay-walking laws.

Invisible said...

OK, WTH is jay-walking anyway??

FlipC said...

Walking across the road except at a controlled point or intersection Ah here we go. Yet another excu... reason for you not to visit the USA :-P