Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Labour and Tesco

Had the local Labour Party leaflet through the door with a full page spread on the Tesco fun. Here's some snippets of joy:

[the site] was identified for possible supermarket development in the district council's 2004 Local Plan
Yep note the "possible" as it was really designated for B1 as I've been <sigh> banging on about.
The retail designation was confirmed in 2006 […] under new planning procedures
Except I've looked and can't find any record of this. Ah though here we go…
The 2004 zoning was subject to a retail survey
That would be this and this(both PDF)

I'll quote some key passages from the Retail Study (huzzah I can as well because it's not locked)

[with regard to larger stores] Smaller shopping centres in particular (including small town centres such as Stourport) might be susceptible to this trend, with effects manifest through increasing vacancies caused by relocation or the closure of independent retail outlets.
if allowance is made for the collective overtrading of Stourport's stores, there is latent expenditure capacity in the order of £6.9m, equivalent to an immediate need for 490-1,380sqm net floorspace. Thereafter, expenditure capacity is in the order of an additional £0.7m to 2011, and £1.5m to 2016, meaning that there is capacity for up to an additional 600-1,680sqm net floorspace over the next ten years.
except according to the 2001 report -
In Stourport-on-Severn, the study indicates that there is capacity to support one to two discount stores […] by 2006. Only if none of the identified capacity is absorbed by discount retailers between 2001 and 2011 will there be sufficient capacity to support one supermarket […] operated by one of the big five grocery retailers
Here's the killer
Foodstores in Stourport account for 67% of the main food shopping trips made by residents within Zone 2 [Stourport]. The Tesco and Co-op stores at Lombard Street are the most popular, having a combined market share of around 60%. Most of the expenditure leaking from the Stourport area is directed to the Sainsbury's at Crossley Park.
and suddenly the reason for Tesco to want to build here becomes even more transparent. Here's a big one
Severn Road - Carpets of Worth Site (STC.2)
The Carpets of Worth site is the largest of the three sites covered by the Severn Road
Development Brief. The Local Plan identifies that the area is suitable for a mix of uses, including business (B1), residential (C3) and should there be a demonstrable need during the Plan period to 2011, a possible new food supermarket (A1). Development on this site should provide:
  • A mix of land uses including B1 Business and C3 residential. Retail uses may be acceptable subject to the retail policies;
  • Retain and use the important buildings identified in the development brief;
  • Preserve or enhance the Conservation Area;
  • Safeguard/enhance the natural assets of the site provided by the River Stour and the design of the scheme;
  • Take account of the flood risk and contamination;
  • Be accessible via a new road to be provided as part of the redevelopment, linking the site with Discovery Road.

So does that sound like the go ahead for putting a supermarket there? Also note the subtle equating of A1 with supermarket. Back to the Labour leaflet
A short fall in supermarket capacity in Stourport was established
Well would you look at that another equating of A1 with supermarket and by the way no short fall has been found we're just below the national average in some respects and above it in others. Onward
[…] the proposed new store would be restricted primarily to food. Planning conditions could ensure that this would always remain the case
Note "primarily" and "could" I'd also like to mention the petrol station wouldn't be food and I'd also like to point out supermarkets' track record for following planning conditions to the letter.

The final paragraph details access and that it would need to be looked at carefully.

The back of the leaflet mentions the road closures that I posted about on the 18th and some improvements going on at Riverside Meadows.

So sorry guys not overly impressed.


Tav said...

Let's give Labour credit for trying. The Tory's give out a blank piece of paper asking for residents views, they then kindly file them away in a Tory filing cabinet in Margaret Thatcher house. Nobody, bar the Tories, are any wiser on the views of the residents, the hoi polloi public can't have that information only the Tories care what everyone thinks! ;-)

FlipC said...

I suppose you're right, especially considering Labour have no district representation in Stourport and I've not seen anything recently from the Tories or IHC and never seen anything from the Liberals at all.

Credit has to be given for at least attempting to inform people even if I don't like what's being said :-)

It's just aargh you just know that Tesco are going to get in because we can't show that it's a bad idea in terms of the 'rules' until it actually becomes reality; by which time it's too late.