Wednesday, February 27, 2008


1am in the morning and what the hell was that? Has something fallen over? All is quiet, was it a dream, wait it isn't quiet - a jammed clock I'm going to take apart is ticking; something must have shaken it. I get up and prowl around the house, nothing's fallen over and a tree hasn't fallen over out front or back. Humph go back to sleep.

So yep we had an earthquake 5.2 or 5.3 depending on who you listen to, all the breakfast news teams rushed out to the epicentre, or at least a few miles off for some strange reason. Up pops a map of Britain showing the location and where reports of it being felt are coming in from, oh and look there's a blob representing London just in case we didn't know where it was.

Next in calls and texts and emails from people talking about their houses shaking, some closer then I to the epicentre and oddly some further away.

Shaking? All I got was fa-dumph as if someone had picked the house up by a quarter-of-an-inch and then let go; sorry it was hardly exciting.

[Update- from the Daily Mash ties in nicely with our local news and its "Quake 08" slot - "there is no evidence these things are getting worse" said the reporter looking gutted]


Tav said...

I felt nothing. Although I did wonder this morning why my daughter had thrown some cuddly toys off the top of her wardrobe.

For information from the source (pun intended):

Invisible said...

Queue the endless series of quake jokes.

"I thought my wife made the earth move - but apparently it was just the quake." etc.

PS. Where the hell is Stourport anyway?

FlipC said...

Tav it seems the population can be divided between those of us who noticed the tremor and the lazy sods who didn't :-P

Invisible fortunately I only caught a couple of bad puns, my amusement was reserved for the women discussing a different tremor - "and the earth moved, so to speak" no the earth really did move.

As to where Stourport is... well let's put it this way the full name of the town (as accorded by the Post Office) is Stourport-on-Severn and of the umpteen millions of place names in the world there is only one Stourport; so GMIYF or you can just face West from where you're sitting and wave :-)