Monday, February 18, 2008

Interesting encounter

A quiet weekend a bit o'shopping in Kidderminster as there were some specific Kiddy only stores I wanted to visit. Picked up both the two-disc Shrek 3 and two-disc Transformers for £20 from Impulse, seeing as other stores were selling the one-disc editions for over a tenner each I'll count that as a bargain. Interesting encounter in Woolworths as a young, reasonable attractive women stops me

"Do you believe in the Loch Ness Monster?" she asked
"Nooo?" I reply
"I do" she said with scary conviction in her voice, "and I'm going to catch it"
"Ookay" I say wondering how to get away from the crazy "Are you going to use a really big net?"
"No I'm going to stand at one end of the loch and my friend, who's as crazy as me [laughs], will stand at the other and we'll stun everything we see"
"So what are you going to use as bait?" I ask
"In order for it to appear?"
"It'll just materialise then we'll stun it and be famous. What do you suggest as bait?"
"Well if you hold to the possibility that it's a dinosaur then a cow might be a good starter"
"So we'll just drop steaks into the loch?"
"Or a cow"
"Oh... are you interested in getting Sky?"

Yup it was a Sky ploy using a known technique, instead of "Do you want Sky?", "Do you want to join the RAC?", "Do you believe in Jesus?" ask a question that doesn't prompt a reflex answer then draw them in. Ah well it was enjoyable to play.

"You won't be able to see me catch the Loch Ness Monster" she cried as I repeated my no's

and if this is the sort of thing Sky is funding I'm glad that's the case.

Popped into the Polish shop in Blackwell Street for a mootch came out with a packet of apple/gingerbread biscuits and an addition to my vocabulary - jin-queer which I've confirmed online means thank-you; I'm sure my pronunciation is laughable though.

More stores and in one I was served by an animated, attractive, and funny (ha-ha rather then loch-ness) young women; sadly though by the way she had to catch the eye of another member of staff when dealing with a bottle of alcohol she's under 18 <sigh>.

Some small dealings with the Bratii who are running their parents to distraction; come the good weather I'll take them of their hands every so often and try to lose them in the woods [Mental Note - check for breadcrumbs].

Sunday I forgot to record the BBCs "The Last Enemy", no problem I'll catch the repeat on.... um no-day. Damnit BBC you've got 4 major channels for this type of thing and you're supposed to be cutting back by showing more repeats, can't you get anything right? At least I remembered to set the box this morning for Channel 4's Dispatches.


Invisible said...

What in the name of God… o_O

I am astounded. That's really quite far out! ROFL!