Monday, February 04, 2008

MP denied rights just like everyone else.

Odd that there's no mention of this some of the more political blogs I list to the right, but anyway according to the Guardian a 'bug' was fitted to a table at which an MP spoke to one his constituents, seeing as this person is in jail I'm guessing this was a prison table. Seeing as this person is also a terror suspect you might assume that they were bugging them and not the MP.

Of course that's not enough, you can't bug MPs, especially Muslim ones, it says so quite explicitly in the Wilson doctrine, a gentleman's agreement first put forth in 1966 and which I think in itself has no force in law.

So presuming that it was the accused and not the MP who was being 'bugged' the intelligence services should have turned off the devices? Hmm perhaps, and if that's the case then let me put forward a new business proposal...

Are you a crook or possible terrorist? Worried that your home or place of work may be 'bugged' by the police or intelligence services? Then call Hire-An-MP. We have many under-used MPs on notice to be shipped to the UK destination of your choice. Supplied with food, liquid, and an iPod all Hire-An-MPs can be safely ensconced into the corner of any room where you wish to hold a worry-free conversation.

Hire-An-MP using the rights they've given themselves for your own benefit.

*Hire-An-MP does not endorse crooked or terrorist plots, use of an Hire-an-MP is at hirer's own risk, consult the Wilson doctrine and your lawyer for more details.


Dan H said...

MPs obviously don't have iPods. If they did they would by now have changed copyright law so that copying music from a CD you bought onto your own iPod for your own use is no longer illegal.

Actually, thinking of it, back when CDs were new and cars could only play cassettes, the MPs of then mustn't have had CD players either. They seem a pretty backward lot, the Commons. I wonder how they expect to represent their constituents usefully in a technologically advanced society. Maybe that's why we have all these schemes for preventing a "digital divide": they are on the wrong side of it.

FlipC said...

Ah see that's why we at Hire-An-MP supply them with iPods like so many other things they just get given and never have to understand or really use; we even insert the 'pods' into their ears and start it for them.

I don't know how you can accuse MPs of being technologically backward they even have 'E' mail, some even have their own 'blogs'. Seriously though like everyone else MPs probably just rip music to put on their players without a second thought or realisation they've just broken the law.

Now as soon as an MP is contacted by the RIAA for use of a BitTorrent site then we'll see some action... actually it would almost be worth faking up such a document and sending one to every MP via the Commons -

"Dear Sir/Madam,

Our systems have detected that one or more computers located at the address registered to you has been engaged in illegally downloading music from a BitTorrent site. Please report to the USA so we can fine you $10,000."