Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's all about timing

The Labour Party leaflet mentioned the Town council meeting being held on Monday at 6pm (brought forward from 7pm) at the Civic Centre and both it and the WFA mentions the Development Control Committee the day after at 6pm at Stourport High School (instead of Lickhill Community Centre). Members of the public are, of course, able to attend.

Now is it just me or is it noticeable that when the 'community' get together to organise something on a normal weekday it tends to start around the 8pm mark, but the council always seem to hold their meetings around the 7pm mark?

8pm no problem I'm there; 7pm is a little more tricky and depends on where the meetings are being held; 6pm not a chance unless I leave work early. I'm fortunate enough to work locally, but a lot of people don't so just out of curiosity how the hell are they supposed to be able to attend these meetings and exercise their democratic rights?