Monday, February 18, 2008

Stourport town and road update.

Just a quick update on the state of the town

The old indoor market is now fully boarded up so I'm expecting renovations from M & Co to start soon.

The Road Closed signs on Lickhill Road from High Street were gone though the roadworks were still present, so may have been a glitch at their end.

The Severn Trent works in York Street appears to be expanding. The main set are still in place on the left-hand lane apparently next to the work they did last year, the parking bays behind it are still reserved by cones, but now they've dug up something opposite those bays and cordoned it off. So now, paying attention to the road sign telling you the left-hand lane is blocked, you stay in the right-hand lane (as you should anyway) then have to jink to the left between the new works and the parked vehicles before switching back to the right to squeeze past the original works. Someone should point out that longer vehicles don't exactly have this flexibility of motion.

And finally I watched a Worcestershire County Council van start to patch some holes. From the small part I saw this consisted of a man, a spade, and a bucket tipping hot-fill into the holes whenever the traffic allowed him to step out into the road. They may have set up a coned section later, but I was not present to observe this.


Don B said...

Lickhill Road is still very chaotic. They had the road closed for 8 days dispite the notices saying that they had 9 days to complete the work and the road could be closed for up to 2 days out of those 9 days. They then left it so that it was virtually impossible for traffic to turn right from Park Crescent up Lickhill Road over the weekend

FlipC said...

The Roadworks Report had it starting on the 9th and finishing on the 19th. Sadly it never goes into details as to exactly what or where said works occur. For Road Closures you need to go to a completely different section of the Hub and there I find

"[Lickhill Road -] From High Street to point 30metres past junction Park Ave" 9th to 19th.

Oh Bloody Hell I've just spotted something else...

Don B said...

You commented that the road closed signs had gone from the High Street so at 3pm I cheerfully set off to go down Lickhill Road. Closure signs gone at Park Avenue but by the time I had got down to The Haven (Oh sorry -closed), the Coop (Oh sorry -closed), the Indoor Market (Oh sorry -closed), the Swan (Oh sorry -closed) (Oh forget it - you know where I mean), it was down to just one lane with pedestrians walking in the road because the pavement was closed as well and the "Road Closed" signs up again. Still Saturday I noticed they were starting up at Burlish again and coming back towards Lickhill.

FlipC said...

You beat me to it. - they've moved the signs. From High Street the Swan Garage sign that was on the pavement is now on the triangle, the Lickhill Road Closed sign has moved back to replace it and a new Roadworks sign moved in front of that so you can't see it.

The works in York Street have shifted sides with the left side now being clear and they've actually changed the sign to indicate that.