Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dig up the road and create your own pothole

Amazing they close the Stour bridge for one Saturday evening, dig out a square and already it's turned into a full-blown pothole. Yep all that nasty rain and bit of snow seems to have taken off the obviously insubstantial top coat and then scooped out the inside. Well I could ring up, but hey the Worcestershire Hub has an online pothole reporting service which I've already discussed here.

Sadly it hasn't changed, it's still telling me that only holes 200mm diameter by 40mm are 'worthy' of reporting. It still asks for a detailed description of the hole with an example showing sizes (in cm) while on the previous page warning me not to try and measure it and yes it still uses user fields for status updates. Ah well at least providing personal information isn't mandatory.

The downside is they'll need to shut down that side of the bridge to fix it, of course they wouldn't have to if these utility companies would actually do their jobs properly in the first place.

[Update 22/11 - I've just been told traffic lights have been set-up and they're fixing it now. Genuine applause for doing it after the morning rush]

[Update 22/11 - So what were they doing because fixing it was not one of those things. Inspection team?]

[Update 23/11 - It's been patched and I use the term in the pejorative, it's already slightly concave]


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that case law shows that the council should intervene at 25mm and not 40mm.

Would be interesting to try making a claim against them for damage cause by a 35mm pot hole.

FlipC said...

Well the site doesn't seem to do any post-processing checks for size so there's nothing stopping you from reporting an unworthy pothole. At least then it would be on the system if you did ruin your car on it.

Ah reminds me to report the one on Areley Common/Dunley Road again