Monday, November 05, 2007

Talking to walls

Regarding a new laundry room

"I hung the washing up in it and now the rooms drenched"
"Well yeah, did you open the windows?"
"No, but you can't really do that in winter"
"Umm okay sounds like you need a... hold on haven't you got a dehumidifier?"
"Oh yeah I forgot about that"


"Oh I don't know what to do we've dried out this room, but every morning it's still damp especially on the ceiling"
"Did you use that dehumidifier?"
"Oh! No"


"I think it's the the thin ceiling, the other rooms don't do it"
"Have you tried that dehumidifier?"


"We keep drying it out and leaving the windows open, but it's still damp. He's put the fire in there to help"
"The fire? Have you tried the dehumidifier?"
"No, I'm a little worried about putting anything electrical in there when it's damp"
"[cos you wouldn't want to use something designed to absorb water in a damp room] Unlike the fire, which is just turning the condensation back into water vapour ready to be deposited the next morning"
"Well I had wondered about that, but you know what it's like talking to some people"
"Yes, yes I do"