Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Armstrong and Miller Show

It's been back for a couple of weeks now and is well worth the watch.., well some of it is. Skip the opening sequence of them dancing around as it's pointless and repeated in the middle of the show anyway for the short attention spanned wondering when the commercials are on.

So far the best bits are some of the recurring characters, the important business guy walking down the hall with flunkies throwing random pieces of information at him, the Edwardian dancing; but by far the best are the two airman. Plummy English tones spouting teen-speak the discongruity between what is being spoken and how it is spoken just makes me laugh.

Sadly it (and that sketch in particular) could be made funnier simply by removing the laughter. At times it drowns out the characters so we're left with

"Witty remark"
"<audience laughter>...tort, witty remark"
"<audience laughter>...nter"

Shame really.


septicisle. said...

I remember their old show on Channel 4 where they were nudist vets, which was the centrepiece of the show and very funny too.

FlipC said...

Ah yes with the cleverly positioned furniture, animals etc. that was funny. I prefer the airman though, having one tell the other he's allergic to something and that he's "got a note and everything" in BBC English just tickles me.

As a bonus the show's straight after "Have I Got News For You"