Friday, July 06, 2007

Last minute plans

"It'll only take half-an-hour"
"Uh-huh" That means it'll take an hour.
-hour and a half later-
"I thought it'd only take an hour"

So one bed, two wardrobes, one chest of drawers, an oven, and five trips over the bridge in Friday afternoon traffic and we're done.

Having shifted the wooden stuff and just about to start back for the oven I stop and sniff the air "Water", "You can smell water?", "Uh-huh it's about to rain", "Figures now we're going to shift something electrical". Fortunately it started as we left and finished when we arrived, which also goes to show how bloody long it took to get back over the bridge.

Oven in the other car and the chest of drawers squeezed into the back of my teeny one, I'm sitting like a little old man hunched forward peering through the windscreen as if I'm Mr Magoo. I can't sit back because my knees would interfere with the steering wheel and I realise I can't see the instrumentation on my dash so I've no idea what speed I'm doing. Not a problem as we're not moving anyway the town's jammed up and we're all doing our arthritic snail impression.

Finally finish, unload, uncrick my back and get something to bloody eat. Oh no we couldn't have done this in the wee hours tomorrow <sigh>