Friday, July 20, 2007


Driving last night I found it harder and harder to switch gears. I got home and pulled up the drive got out opened the garage, got back in and found I couldn't get into first gear. Not ' a grinding of teeth' a flat could not get into gear. In the end I had to turn off the engine clamber into the driver well and physically tug the clutch cable while slamming into first. Engine on and creep forward followed by a struggle to throw it into neutral and then pushing the car manually into the garage.

Problem. How do I get the car to the repair station. Well problem sort of solved. I went down this morning and found it could get into gear. I got ready quickly, phoned the garage, groaned at the news that the road next to the Red Lion at Holt Heath was closed diverting through... Stourport (great!).

Driving along and it was getting more and more difficult to change gears so I stayed in first for most of the way, idiot f***ing drivers leaving great f***ing gaps and basically forgetting how to drive 'Oo look it's raining, better turn into a moron' Finally managed to pull the car in before the engine stalled.

So let's see how long it takes to fix.

Oh and as you might expect perfect weather for the official opening of the skate-park. How many inches of rain expected?


Don B said...

Sue has a photo on her flickr site ( of the skate-park taken at 12.17

Did the official ceremony take place or was it postponed?

FlipC said...

Yeah my photos were taken the day after.

As to the opening ceremony I'd have expected the Shuttle to send someone down and I see nothing on their site, nothing on the WFDC, nor on the Official Stourport site. So ummm?