Wednesday, April 11, 2007

People type the funniest things

I've been going over the stats for the month as recorded by for this blog. Other then noting that 99% of the search engine referrals come from google, it's amusing to see what people are searching for that points them here.

Some are obvious "tesco stourport" and "smoking laws outside" all point to various entries I've made, but I don't appear on the first page so people must be digging. "gmtv potholes" and "lambeth car crush" all make sense not least because when I wrote about them nothing else relevant existed on the web.

Some however are amusing. "calenderize" I have to love I'd have expected "diarize" too though, someone must be using it for it to get looked for. "dunlop tyres advert venus in furs" has to be classed as odd but expected. Worrying that my entry about Virtual Earth would show up higher then the actual show's site I referenced ""gadget show "google earth alternative" but there you go.

However so far my all time favourite has to go to "nspcc smacking retailers". Now I know there are times when we all feel like giving shop staff a good smack but I've yet to hear of it becoming policy for the NSPCC.

Using Google Analytics over histats so I can weed out my own visits from the creation page I had 178 visitors with 350 odd page views split about 50/50 between new and returns. Well compared to the high-profilers that's kinda pathetic, however as I'm writing this for mainly for me and it deals almost solely with local matters and my pothole fetish that's actually kinda alright.