Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Stourport Town Council Meeting

Sent out feelers and had some tugs back yesterday night, talk about last minute. The meeting isn't at 7pm it's at 6.30pm; no Tesco representative will be present, it might get mentioned that's all. Instead the meeting is apparently going to be dealing with the bridge refurbishment and yet more tales of construction woe.

Asking about whose job it was to keep the internet details for the council up-to-date some fingers were pointed at Tim Ellis of the Stourport Forum; how true that it I don't know.

Well 6.30pm; 7pm was going to be a push 6.30's pretty much impossible under normal circumstances for me.


Tavis Pitt said...

Did you go?

FlipC said...

If it had started at 7 I would have, 6.30 - no I was too pushed time-wise yesterday and I was unsure of the etiquette of turning up late.

Noted that you did though and a site visit too? Hmm can't wait for your report.