Friday, April 20, 2007

Flash ah ahhh

the bane of every one of us. Some might recall the fun I had with Jaguars XK8 Flash site resulting in a rapid shut down of Opera. Well using the same slightly underpowered machine I happened to flit over to Sony's UK home page using Firefox; slow-down, disk churn later, and another startled look at the swap-file I killed it. Rather foolishly I wondered if this was a Firefox glitch and so fired it up under Opera, system crash. Wheeling over to a higher computer I pulled up the page-file size and started Firefox then headed to Sony.

Starting size was 479Mb, opening Firefox with a default of Yahoo! UK upped that to 499Mb after it had finished loading the Sony site it stood at 671Mb. Yep just to display the UK homepage WindowsXP needed to allocate another 172Mb of memory. I've loaded up amazon, gametrailers and various other sites and not peaked above 520Mb.