Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Town Meeting, new words, traffic, and spooky potholes

If you've checked the comments of my previous entry you'll see Don letting me know about a meeting at 7pm that night. Sadly I spotted it too late and wouldn't have been in a position to attend anyhow without a little more notice. Over on the WFA Don notes that there was supposed to be a presentation from Tesco to the council. Sadly for him and them, the rep had to cancel, good for me and anyone else who didn't know about this as it's been rescheduled for the 3rd April, so I've diarized it (see later).

Notice-wise take a look at the Stourport meetings and documents section of the Wyre Forest district Council Site, hmm lots going on there. Then again it's the District Council site, as we now have our own official Stourport Town site it'll be listed there. Ah not on the home page, not on the 'what's on' page, ah how silly of me 'Local Info - Stourport Town Council' yep there it is on the side bar. Hmm so we don't get an agenda then? Okay this is now after the event I'll be kind and assume it was listed on the Home page in the side bar and I just missed it; I've got to remember this site exists now and check it more thoroughly.

Listening to a conversation the other day "I'll diarize that" "Diarize?" came the response; I poked my head around the door "Diarize?". "Yeah to put it in your diary". "Odd" I said "I normally schedule things". "Oh well" I continued to my colleague "You'd better calenderize it too" I love the English language, but there's an awful tendency to turn nouns into verbs for no reason.

Traffic was unpleasant this morning, some sort of accident in Vale Road. Two blue lights at the start of the road in the third lane with a car between them across the lane. Shouldn't have made a jot of difference to the traffic, but of course everyone was rubber-necking. I almost drove into the back of one car who decided to stop and have a look.

So I noted on Monday morning the newly re-opened potholes in Bridge Street and York Street. Monday afternoon and the Bridge Street one was patched, Tuesday afternoon the York Street one was filled-in. Okay who's reading this? I mention holes and a few days later hot tar appears. The stretch at the junction of Areley Common and Dunley Road and starting to give again <looks around>


Don B said...

Another piece of news for you from the Stourport Town Council Meeting that I attended. The delays you regularly experience crossing Stourport Bridge are to be with us for a very long time. It was reported that the work on the bridge is now running 5 weeks behind contract. Everyone and everything are being blamed - theft of an electricity cable (wrongly called a BT cable at the Meeting), delivery of concrete using the wrong ingredients which had to be dug out the following day and redelivered and most incredible of all a failure between the contractor and Severn Trent to reach an agreement on work that ST wish to carry out.

It was reported to the meeting that as a result of this latter failure when the bridge work is completed and resurfaced Severn Trent will immediatly come along and dig it up again to replace the mains water supply from the High Street along Bridge Street to Areley Kings. The result is that road works with traffic lights are likely to remain until December 2007.

FlipC said...

I heard about the cable at the beginning of the year. It could have been worse they were going to leave a lot more stuff out in the open before someone mentioned it might be an idea to put it away. The concrete I saw them pour, scree, then dig back up. The Severn Trent one is new to me, but hardly surprising. Thanks for the info. Do you recall the old beer advert involving roadworks?

OOC Was there any mention of censor for the failure to sort this out?

I know the painting is scheduled for June/July and that the fa├žade won't even be ready until the end of the year according to the bloke who's casting it; so to an extent I expected the works to continue for a while. What a joy for the tourist season; I can't wait for the next Bank Holiday.

suzie q said...

And now they've closed a lane of Lion Hill!! To resurface the pavement? What?! Who on earth makes these decisions?!
Oh, what joy! ;)