Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A relaxing weekend

Four days of doing almost bugger all. Some sorting out and tidying up. I made good on my promise to have a flick through my old Warhammer stuff, I'm missing the Middenheim map and all the handouts for "Death on the Reik". Not that surprising, the latter came in a poor cardboard box rather then as a book and everything always used to fall out. The former's disappearance is odd though. Ah well being of a nature I'd prefer to be named squirrel-like I know they're around somewhere, but it's an itch I'm not in a position to scratch yet.

All my Cthulhu stuff seems intact, some interesting factual articles on 1920's America, Australia etc.

Heading out I spotted a two-disc edition of "Superman Returns" in Fopp for £9.99 odd as the ones at the front of the store were listed at £20; I didn't mention anything and that's what I paid so no complaints from me. No more S.A.C:2 beyond ch3; I might have to order the remaining ones depending on price. Sainsbury's had "Night at the Museum" for £9.99 too for one week only while stocks last. They seem to be doing this quite a bit (as they did for Casino Royale); I suppose if it's a choice between selling 10 at £20 or 20 at £10 you've got less taking up storage space.

A visit to my aunt and uncle's; my cousin, his wife and their devil child ;-) also being there. I'm barely through the door when I get called to the computer. As usual the problem lies with the Sky broadband router, it's lost the internet connection again. Second box they've had and Sky blame BT and BT blame Sky for all the problems. A quick demo of Google Earth, MS Virtual Earth (which seemed to have some minor difficulty with IE7) and a permanent link to 192.com later I notice some faults on shutting down. Uninstalled Google Desktop, Google Screensavers, and Google Something Else which were all installed by mistake and the error she go bye-bye.

Devil-child is getting very vocal and is having a good crawl and pulling up on things to stand upright; still not standing on her own quite yet though I'm sure she soon will be.

Despite my cousin's ravings and plonking a deposit down for the PS3 he decided not to get one. First words were "Well they're everywhere", he jokes about those buying one (or two) with the sole purpose of flogging them on eBay at inflated prices. As I've mentioned he's into racing games, but the only one to catch his eye is "Motorstorm", "Ridge Racer 7"(?) got a "Meh" and the F1 game was castigated as a bad port. He's actually contemplating an Xbox 360 and having sold off his old PS2 and games has no baggage to keep him in the Sony fold. I personally feel that Sony have been a bit too reliant on the baggage and fan-boys. "Home" is a step in the right direction, but they need a wider variety of games to appeal to the masses.

I'm still saying the only reason I'd get one is for "Oblivion" and even then not until they've got the backwards compatibility sorted out. Oh and maybe "Bioshock"

I decided to skip a trip to Tenbury for their car-boot sale, my parents went and mentioned how busy it was and how many stalls there were compared to the last time they went. It's all very nice, but the trouble is where it's held there's no shelter; it's all open space with no trees. Even the kids playground adjoining it has only one bench and nothing in the shade. It's all great if you're only spending a short amount of time there, lousy if you want to have a leisurely mooch with a hot sun in a clear blue sky above you.

Oh speaking of the PlayStation 2 I spent a fair chunk of time on "Okami" (almost finished - I think), "Max Payne 2" (not as good as the first both plot-wise and technically) and "Lego Star Wars 2" which was being offered cheap at Game. Now that game is fun and highly recommended. Designed for kids and shortish if you just play straight through as an adult, its joy lies in all the extra little things you can do - collect X amount of 'money', collect all the parts to a vehicle, find the special power and cheat bricks, replay the entire 3 episodes using different characters such as Yoda or Darth Vader. It's easy enough on the brain and reflexes for the 3+ age range, but can become quite difficult if you try and truly complete it and there are one or two sneaky little puzzles that even had me scratching my head for a few seconds. Better then the first one and that's very high praise indeed.


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