Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Flickr, a quick traffic report., and Salcey Forest

So I added in the skate-park works pictures along with a few others to the end of the Stourport Set in Flickr. While at it I thought about this new 'collection' thing I could do. So I added in two collections, Stourport and Kidderminster, and dragged appropriate sets across. It still needs a good sort out when I get time (ha!). What bugged me though was that these new collections didn't show up on the front page, not even an indication that such existing. Not to worry a new feature means I can change the layout

Choose between 18 small or 5 medium sized photos, and decide if you'd like sets, or collections, or neither in the right hand column.
so which option is missing there? Yep "or both". I can choose sets, collections or neither, but not both. So I'll do a big tidy-up and split the current Stouport set into basin, river, riverside etc. and then bung them into the Stouport collection; then switch to collection view only.

Someone's obviously been having words as a couple of yellow jackets this morning were taking an inordinate amount of interest in the lights on the bridge and fiddling with the control box next to the Dunley Road crossing. Experienced cynicism tells me expect the weighting to fall on the Dunley Road side now and the town to gridlock in the evenings.

This shouldn't be difficult as I've said time and time again, weight it for Dunley Road in the morning 8:00-9:00 and Bridge Street in the evening 5:00-6:00, otherwise let it do its own thing.

Oh and the light got fixed too.

Invisible has tidied up (a bit) his photos of Salcey Forest no thumbnails (yet :-) ) the links allow you to jump every ten photos, but it's worth starting with 001 and clicking through; some nice shots are to be found.