Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Now the important bit's out the way back to the drivel

Looks like they've finished doing the pavement up the right-hand side of Vale Road (hooray) and are now starting on the left-hand side (boo). Barriers were out at the Lickhill exit narrowing down the road, as yet unknown as to whether they'll try to shut down the left-hand lane entirely. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the timing of this; okay so the bridge refurbishment was supposed to be in its final stages, but still it's Easter Week. Now I'm all for doing work during the school holidays when there's less traffic about, but not this close to a Bank Holiday weekend. Is repaving really that high a priority.

[Update]They've closed lanes 1 and 2 just next to the Lickhill exit. Everyone has to get into lane 3, basically the opposite of what they'd done before

Speaking of which I had a laugh on Saturday driving in Kidderminster down The Ringway, they've resurfaced the road (about time too), but have yet to paint markings on it. Drove all the way down it towards the exit and about 100 yards from where I joined the island there was the "No Road Markings" sign; thanks I'd noticed.

Oo and a couple of nasty potholes in Stourport have been tagged in white, so they might get filled in. I also noted that one of the bridge ones had also been filled in, the two long rut ones on the town side are still there though. Ah well what's the point they'll be resurfacing that in a week or two, or three; or a month, or two.

In the news this morning were the couple who came back from holiday to find their car had been crushed. From what I saw they went on holiday, the car got broken into that night and the police turned up. The car was legally parked, had an up-to-date tax disc, and was outside the registered owner's home; so they quite rightly left it. Lambeth council on the other hand saw it as a crime magnet, towed it away, then crushed it. The couple only found this out on returning after paying the £400 release fee.

Okay word to the wise - people are taking longer holidays. It's difficult to respond to a demand to pay a fine within 14 days when the period runs out the day you return. Tow the car? Perhaps. Crush it? Um no.

As per usual expect nothing to be done about this type of thing until an MP has their car crushed while they're on holiday.

Also in the news. In a new initiative mothers-to-be will be given named mid-wives; about time too there's nothing more disconcerting then to ask the name of the person about to deliver your child and be told "I don't have a name I have a number. I am Number 2" checks list "You are patient Number 6". Sorry, but I couldn't resist.