Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Annoying, and Yeek

I've mentioned previously how my family were waiting for a phone call regarding my grandmother from a department that hadn't been notified they were supposed to do so, it gets better.

Money being what it is we're trying to get funding to have her put in care, the relevant forms were filled out in January and returned. Now we had to find a vacancy, then notify the department who would then look through the forms of those applying and determine who was most eligible. Of course if we'd gone self-funding we wouldn't need to bother and she'd go straight in.

A vacancy came up, we made a phone call, we waited; and waited. Another phone call to check on the forms they'd been "passed on" and out of their hands. More waiting, another phone call "There's nothing on the system" What! Turns out her savings were just over the limit for funding so she'd been filed as self-funding. Nobody had seen fit to mention this. Remember self-funding equals an instant in. Oh and she wouldn't have got in anyway as they'd filled their quota at the beginning of the week.

The recommendation was that she went self-funding until her money dropped below the limit at which point you could apply for funding again. Of course if she didn't get it you'd be continuing to pay or she'd have to leave.

So we all started on this track...until we get another call. Apparently some of her savings didn't count so she was back below the limit. The stress this is all causing is beyond my description.

A quick yeek - a tale told of someone pulling out of a garage on Vale Road and turning right, it's a three-lane one-way street (turn left only) and yes there are signs opposite the exits pointing the correct way. Oddly I didn't spot one opposite the church. anyway this happens every so often, someone turns right on Vale Road, right on Lion Hill or tries to go straight over from New Street into York Street. The road setup doesn't help because at one time or another all of these roads were two-way.

Didn't get down to the riverside last night due to protracted discussions about "Annoying" I'll nip down tonight.