Monday, April 02, 2007

It's Easter time

As evidenced by the throngs of people in town. Traffic was atrocious, perhaps the two cars parked opposite each other at the top of Bridge Street helped that. Silly me they can't be there, they'd have been moved on by the crack troop of traffic wardens patrolling the town in order to keep the traffic moving. Must of been figments of my imagination.

Anyway the hordes were basically treating Bridge Street as a pedestrianised area - see a shop; cross the road. Difficult to blame them when the lane leaving town is unmoving, just step between the cars - and get hit by the free-flowing traffic entering the town. Well free-flowing until someone decides to use the pedestrian crossing. I've said it before I'll say it again, put the bloody settings back to the way they were a few years ago just until the bridge is back to full operation. I'm not kidding coming back into town I got past the bridge lights and the pedestrian ones had changed three time before I reached them.

I was surprised to get through though, heading to the bridge no cars ahead of me "They'll switch to red just as I get there" I thought, they didn't and I met up with the tail-end of the queue just before the point that the other queue starts (meaning if their light turns green they can't get past) that's down to the first change in the pedestrian lights. I got through that point with a small sigh of relief and was surprised to note more cars coming over to join me. Got off the bridge and stopped (lights again) and still traffic was coming over the bridge, moved up to Raven Street and stopped (guess) and still traffic was following me. By the time I got up to High Street it still hadn't changed. In the meantime people were walking across the road whenever the traffic was halted.

Not to worry it'll all soon be over Oo they're running one of their famous polls

"...but what would you prefer – short-term major disruption with all the work done in one stint or the current long-term minor disruption?"
Define major disruption for me and I'll let you know.

Point being the schools are out and the traffic is getting bad, now come the Bank Holiday weekend Stourport traffic tends to grind to a halt normally with this lot going on... ah well what do I care I've some books in the attic I can look through and I still haven't finished Okami.