Monday, December 04, 2006

Just a quickie

I think it's the sensors, there was less queueing this morning and over the weekend; not 'Wow there's much less queueing', but certainly 'I think there's a bit less queueing'. I tried to get the number to call them about it, but like most signage put up for this purpose it's designed for pedestrians and not drivers; besides half of it is in a hedge. I'll see how if it stays this way.

I really meant to get up to Bewdley this weekend as it promised to be fun. Sadly I had to slip my car in for some work in the morning, spent longer then I anticipated in Kiddy looking for a birthday present for my little cousin, and then had family obligations for the rest of the day. That's just the way it goes sometimes.

I did however find time on Sunday to dig out some old slides of one-half of Stourport Road being built and the falling over of the old Stourport Town Hall, hopefully these will go up today or tomorrow whenever I can get some free time at the slide scanner at work.


Tavis Pitt said...

I went to the Bewdley Christmas Lights, and although this year I didn’t attend Kidderminster’s or Stourport’s I can safely safe from past years that Bewdley was the best. The place was very busy, and there seemed to be more things going on once the lights were lit. I have some photos, if I get chance I’ll upload them to my flickr account.

Anonymous said...

Snap, Tav! I was there singing with the choir and wondered if I might bump into you, flipc! My photo's are rubbish, so I'm looking forward to seeing Tav's! I had to leave before the lights were switched on and am looking forward to having a drive across to see them soon.
These old slides sound very interesting... Good Luck!

FlipC said...

Typical, I thought it was going to be good. As I said family commitments came up and family always comes first. Ah well always next year.

Ironically I recall seeing some slides of some sort of Victorian Fair that appears to be of Bewdley, I'll have to find the right box and dig them out.

Tavis Pitt said...

Finally I have found that USB cable. It's only taken me a year :-)

I have upload the Bewdley Christmas Lights photos on my Flickr account.