Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Opinions required

As mentioned I've had to use an HP slide adaptor to scan in some 50mm slides, I have now however come across some 35mm slides. So do I continue as before or use the correct equipment and scanning settings? I've just uploaded two scans here using the FAU and here using the HP. Now I prefer the colours in the HP, the FAU is too blue, but the HP is a lot noisier. However the FAU seems to be setting the softness level high to compensate for the noise. Zoom in on the writing on the truck to see what I mean. In terms of time spent they're about even, slightly longer for the FAU, but that's because of the 2400dpi. I'm in two minds about it.


Anonymous said...

That's a tricky one... there doesn't immediately appear to be an awful lot between them, but the FAU version seems a bit clearer to me. The HP version looks more like the original, I should think. Mmmm... good luck with your decision-making! ;)

FlipC said...

I admit I do prefer the less noisy FAU too and the blue cast can be removed with some fiddling. That would mean each slide taking longer to scan as I manually set each one.

Normally I'd just do both, but the lamp has to calibrate when I change modes and that takes a stupid amount of time. Hmm I'll suppose I can do a batch one way, recalibrate then do a batch another way. Annoying, but possible. Ah well still got plenty of 50mm ones to get through yet; I've got some time before I have to make a firm decision.