Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A few updates

Been away from the computer for a while, it was my Nan's cremation yesterday. Everything was running late, you can guess why. Over the past couple of days I've been pretty much exhausting myself unto the wee hours so I'll fall into bed and just drop into unconsciousness. The trouble is going out with friends didn't exhaust me (I don't drink, which would have probably helped) so I ended up going through DVDs, managed to get through the entire first season of CSI and a couple of video game, my poor DVD player and PlayStation2 are still recovering from the overload, did the trick nicely. Okay still a bit emotional about this so I'll stop this train of thought.

The computer that went down I've now had a chance to fiddle with, started in Safe mode and noted what services were running, started normally and did the same, went back and disabled all the differences and hey look at that it starts fine. Slowly re-enabling services and I'm placing my bets on the Print Server as one of the first I re-set and re-booted and things going flat. Oddly it still works, I start it after boot and can print happily either locally or remotely. Puzzled? So far though as long as I don't reboot it, it's a happy bunny. Oh and yes I have backups of all data, although so far (touch wood) that's been unaffected

Finally I noted that the pothole in York Street got filled in last week same sort of job done, I'll see how long it lasts. Ironically another has opened up in Bridge Street, went over it and it felt like it was trying to take my tyre off, this is just off the bridge going into town on the left-hand side so watch out for it.