Monday, December 18, 2006

More wandering

A quick trip into town this Saturday, trying to locate these mysterious sensors in the road; interesting. Two are obvious, the 40m diamond has even been chalked out to make it more obvious, the first one however seems too close to the traffic lights. On the town side you can see where the traffic lights were originally placed. As you can see here the cars are pulling out to get past the lights well before the sensors, this action is also duplicated on the other side.

A couple of shots for Jim, the odd pattern you see on the tar here is because they failed to cut back the hedge prior to the resurfacing. Ironically a couple of weeks after all the work was done they did just that.

Nipped down the steps opposite the town, slippery when wet, to satisfy my curiosity over a point. Yep it is still possible to get from one side of the bridge to the other through the arch, so long as you don't mind either clambering past overgrown trees or construction site barriers. Neither of which are exactly inviting.

Moseyed on down to the flooded putting course, then up to the Civic Centre. After photographing Crown House in Kidderminster you appreciate how they built the Civic Centre, the brickwork and fa├žade overlooking the river are fantastic.

Cut through Raven Street in order to take a shot of the nasty pothole. It feels rough going over it, standing over it I can see why.

Then I headed up High Street. The areas of brickwork dug up by the water board has now been replaced with one exception, as I suspected they've done the same as was done in Kidderminster. The original pavement is a mixture of different colour bricks, red and dark colours, the replacements appear to be a uniform red colour and a different texture. I wonder what the point of spending money on such a nice effect is, if whenever it's dug up they just plonk down whatever they feel is the closest (and presumably cheapest) approximation?

Now down to the Co-op. I've wanted to take a picture of this for a while now; now am I the only one asking "Why no bench?" That inset is practically screaming for a bench or at the least a trough of flowers. Instead just the plain bollards protecting the store. I should have taken some photos of the pavement running between the side of the store and the car-park too, a finer example of stupidity in action I've rarely seen.

For those who've been looking at my slides on Flickr, the hiatus will be stop once I treat myself to a new scanner for Christmas, in the meantime here is the present view of Lombard Street looking at Foundry Street and Bewdley Road, boy was this a difficult photo to take. I walked down towards the spot - no traffic, I get there and a dozen cars turn up and just get jammed. I wait, more cars turn up, so I give up and poke my head into Tesco. I get out and no cars! I reach the spot and another dozen cars turn up and jam. Finally the traffic cleared and I managed to stand in the middle of the road to take the shot.

Nipped down Parkes Passage, it's been a while since I've gone down here. Took a picture of the church and the covers. Plus the 'Australian' sign that is a popular snap.

Back down to the river and more flooding had brought the ducks and swans into the car-park, so took some snaps of them.

Under the bridge arch and then took my life into my hands to take some snaps under the bridge.

And that my friends was Saturday morning.