Friday, December 01, 2006

Newspaper coverage of the lights

Odd is the way I'd put it. As both Stourport and Kidderminster had the ceremony sequentially they'd both appear in next week's paper at the same time, this normally means two-and-a-half pages of Kiddy photos and the remaining half-a-page for whatever Stourport's managed to drag out. This time however the balance was fairly equal, in fact almost biased towards the Stourport event. Here's the report for Kidderminster and here for Stourport,

Crowds packed into Vicar Street
compared to
THOUSANDS of people [packing] the streets of Stourport.
Could it be that more people turned up in Stourport then Kidderminster? Sadly it's difficult to know here's a crowd shot from Kidderminster, here's one from Stourport. Looking through the photo gallery we find 14 shots for Kidderminster and 17 for Stourport! Considering that there's 3:1 population in favour of Kidderminster that's just... interesting. The children's' procession is mentioned, but no obvious shots; fun is had in the Swan Centre, but no obvious shots. I mean I'm not a professional, but a choir singing around the Christmas tree surrounded by a crowd seems like good material to me.

If someone attended, preferably both events, I'd be interested to know.