Friday, December 08, 2006

All our fault, and damn!

Apparently the delays in the morning on the Dunley Road are the fault of the drivers. There are three (not two) sensors on the approach road, and what the cause of the delays may be is that drivers are pulling out into the right-hand lane too soon and not driving over either the first or second sensor. This makes it think there's no traffic (despite the third sensor pinging away merrily) so it changes the lights. Simple really, and as with so many traffic problems assumes that everyone drives exactly as they should rather then take into account the way that they do.

On a fun note, one of the XP boxes here has just had a fit, for some strange reason it can't assign the logged in user or local system user to threads, as a side effect it can start them but not stop them. It also won't allow any administrator tasks to be performed (because it doesn't know who I am). Fortunately it still works in safe mode, so I suspect some service or driver. Nothing shows up as odd though. It did just perform a Windows Media Update and System Restore shows something called Software Distribution Service 2.0 then things went bad. Not even a system restore to a point before the update solves anything. I've got a few other things to try, but this is bloody annoying.