Monday, December 18, 2006

Business as usual

The post's just arrived. Not bad only an hour later then normal, hey it is Christmas. I picked up the rubber-banded wad and looked at the top letter. Not a name I recognise, not our business, not our building, not even our postcode; all the rest is for us though. Now I can understand the odd letter getting mixed up in the middle of the pile, but the first letter on the very top?


Anonymous said...

LoL! :) I think 95% of my post lately has been for someone else, as far afield as Stourbridge! I've spent more time trying to repost them to their rightful owners than opening my own post! (That arrives at around 2pm now!)

FlipC said...

Well fortunately we haven't had anything that bad, though I can see the Stourbridge/Stourport thing. I vaguely recall someone saying that it was the Post Office who added the -on-Severn bit just to cut down on that sort of confusion.

It's not my imagination is it, things have got worse since they were privatised?