Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Busy doing nothing

I phoned the Traffic-light division yesterday to complain, they said they'd look at. Apparently they can monitor the lights from there, wherever there is? What they meant to say was that they can see how the lights are changing and what the sensors are recording. As there are about four sensors on the town side and only a couple for the other; fat lot of good that would do. They might be able to get some information from the 'cameras' monitoring the roadworks, but all that'll do is tell you whether you have a unbroken flow; not much use when the traffic gets broken up and squashed together by the pedestrian crossing on the town side Unless you've got cameras up pointing at the waiting cars you can't really tell squat, never try to bluff someone who used to work where they made these things.

Below shows the situation this morning. I started at the green dot at about 8:40 and hit the red dot 20 minutes later. The red line shows where the traffic was

Now I can understand some of the delays are down to traffic; the M5 had closed off in part, due to an overturned lorry, but it's the queues on the town side that get to me. When I finally got through there was one car waiting at the other end and I counted five widely spaced cars driving down to join the queue, and they seem to be getting as much priority as the non-town side. In the evenings yes this is great and the way it should be, in the mornings... no way in hell.