Monday, March 01, 2010

PS3 Worldwide Glitch

It seems the original PS3 models are having a problem today. Initial thoughts were that it was a problem with the PSN online system, but as the new Slim models weren't affected the problem now seems to be a date glitch. To be specific older PS3 systems seem to think it's the 31st of December 1999 or 1st January 2000 thanks to the switch from 28 Feb to 1 Mar.

Anyway a slight difficulty in that all the content will be date-stamped after this period. Some people report that changing the date has fixed things, some say otherwise.

All in all my PS3 will stay switched off until it gets resolved.

[Update - the good news is that my account shows the trophies I synced last night; likewise reports that save games etc. are still on the system; and the hope is that for those who haven't switched on their consoles it might self-correct tomorrow. It's been 9 hours since the last update from Sony ouch!]

[Update - Yep it seems the 'fat' PS3's thought that 2010 was a leap year and yep it seems to have self-corrected today]