Monday, March 15, 2010

An exhausting Saturday

So the Tribe turned up just after 3pm and we managed to keep the Bratii still and with everyone for at least half-an-hour. As mentioned before I wanted to take them out to the woods, Minor wanted to play Munchkin Quest then changed his mind and wanted to play Arkham Horror.

If it had been a bit warmer we'd have played it outside on the lawn, but it was still too cold just to sit around so I managed to drag them out and took them a wandering.

Up ahead went Minor, he was good at spotting the major tracks but didn't quite have the eye for the minor ones.

Major did and he and I nipped off to the left and cut ahead of him. He then decided to sulk for oo about a minute, before we delved back into the wood. Headed through and found one of the paths hadn't been beaten down enough so we had to head up and along the road and back down. Then we reached the playground neither knew existed.

Minor ran down to it one way, while Major and I took a shortcut, no sulks this time as he reached the gate first (he ran, we walked) to find it padlocked. We all leaned on the fence and I suggested he head round and try the other gate. "The one that's open" chimed Major. Minor and I headed that way while Major clambered over the fence.

Minor had a run around, Major used the swings then found just lying back in the wood chippings and staring up at the blue sky to be most relaxing. Odd that there wasn't anyone else about; a few kids went past, none decided to stay. I's say it was the wrong time, but I'd have still been out at this time as a child.

Time to head back and our pathfinder Minor started off the wrong way before I called him back. We took a slightly different route and halfway back I get a call asking where we are as the Tribe was getting hungry. All in all we got back just after 5pm and it had stayed nice and dry the entire time we were out.

Minor had switched to wanting to play Munchkin Quest again, but we had tea and Major wanted to see what BioShock 2 and God of War III looked like; as well as "The Truth" video from Assassin's Creed 2. So by the time that had been done it was time for everyone to pack up and leave.

Next time I'll take them down to Redstone Marsh; good to get out and they enjoyed themselves. When I pointed out the sand on the horizon Minor actually expressed a desire to go down to Hartlebury Common.

"Well it's not far as a straight run, shame there's a river in the way" I said
"Can we go in your car" he replied
"Yes we can".

So next baby-sitting gig might be a picnic; not sure if they've ever even been on one before.

It's a shame where they are; there are some 'wild' areas in Tenbury but too far for them to easily reach just as a impromptu outing. It's all too urban within walking distance; it's all paved paths or within spitting distance of the town. Major has the Scouts, but that's organised, just nowhere locally 'wild' for the them to run around and play in. Makes me appreciate where I was raised as a child; I just took it for granted that I could lose myself in grass and trees without a single building or man-made surface in sight.