Monday, August 20, 2007


First off unwanted text messages one a day.

FreeMsg - To access your downloads reply to 85233 with the word OK. Thank you.
Who are you, and what is this download?
FreeMsg> Txt YES to 85233 and get a free download! Plus get up to 9 more super cool downloads each week when u join. Over 35,000 available! To optout send STOP.
Again who are you, I don't want to join, and how much will it cost to send you a STOP?
FreeMsg>Don't lose yr FREE download! Text YES to 85233 and grab it now, plus up to 9 more super cool downloads each week when you join. To optout send STOP
FreeMsg> Free download waiting. Don't lose it, text YES to 85233 to get it now, plus up to 9 more downloads each week when u join. To optout send STOP to 85233
Thank you half past bloody seven on a Saturday morning.
FreeMsg>FREE download waiting! Last chance to grab it. Text YES to 85233 to join & get login details for To optout reply STOP
Thank you half past bloody seven on a Sunday morning. though at least you've deigned to tell me who you are this time

I think a quick chat to Orange is in order, that is if I can find my way through their automated system to the right section. Nope got to go through email
Re: Third Party Texts.

For the last week I have been receiving texts from 82533 one a day as follows:

[quoted messages as above]

Please note that until the last one came thorough at 07:30 on Sunday morning I had no idea who these were from, what this 'download' was, or how much this service would cost. It wasn't until the second text that it even deigned to inform me how I could opt-out, although again without informing me how much this reply might cost.

Is this the sort of standards you expect from your third-party partners?
So it's wait and see time.

Now I've got 285 unread messages in my email account, the last time I got this many in such a short period of time was when someone was spoofing my address and lo large numbers of message undelivereds. <sigh>

Finally something puzzling LauraDoraNoraFlora on Flickr has blocked me. I only found out when I went to thank her for her brief testimonial and found she was no longer listed as a contact. Thinking there was a screw-up on the site I went to re-add her to find she had blocked me. I really can't think why. Anyway this appears to be the only way I can say thank-you so um thanks.


Don B said...

I had no difficulty in getting LauraDoraNoraFlora up on Flickr later in the day from my own Flickr account. (I keep thinking I must post some more on Flickr but that has been lower priority than trying to keep up with all the material I have for Wyfopedia.)

What's all this about long hair - m'thinks she must know somthing I don't know. lol
I'm envious of the computer skills.

FlipC said...

Oh I can see her photos, just can't comment or add her as a contact; which means I couldn't use FlickrMail to thank her for the testimonial.

I'm scratching my head as to the reason for the block, as far as I'm aware we haven't met (and it's unlikely I'd be rude anyway), we've only exchanged a couple of shop-talk FlickrMails on the A620, and a few comments on each others photos. I'm at a loss.

As for the long hair

Ah Wyfopedia, I'll see if I can get some photos of the more interesting buildings or pub signs in Stourport to add; I think pictures liven up the articles. Trouble is the best time for piccies is the morning and last weekend was a bit of a wash-out.