Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Water, Adverts, and Xena

And so we move from Tenbury to Worcester where the Severn has burst its banks. Traffic updates listed three roads out of commission, so mix that up with the city being under water and I’m glad I’m not heading that way.

Another advert doing my head in, yep it’s Dove again and its sexist Campaign for Real Beauty. Just like Activia they’re using “Real Women” too. I never knew the extent of the problem that advertisers had with fake women; I suppose it’s just desperation on the part of men to actually get some work in advertising. Interestingly one of the women drops a bombshell when she mentions that her boyfriend nicks her deodorant. I’m sure this has prompted Dove to investigate the male market <laughs> oh I crack myself up at times.

On the mentioning of men in adverts, try a count sometime. How many men do you see doing anything related to housework or personal grooming bar razors? Barry Scott (who doesn’t exist) doesn’t count as he’s never seen using the products he advertises. I can think of one laundry advert (the mud fight) and the Fairy adverts and that’s pretty much it. If it’s cleaning sinks or baths, spraying air freshener (and oh gods the Glade one’s back too) or doing laundry then it’s all women. Soap, shampoo, hair dye – all women. Cooking – women.

Gah that’s just brought up a hideous thought of that loan advert, the one with the Geordie women trying to get a loan while her family (off-camera) are yelling for information (where’s my keys, where’s my scooter) which she calmly answers while smugly telling the operator how busy she is.

While under the influence of brain-warping rays (aliens, CIA, scientologists, take your pick) I picked up Season One of Xena which has been out for a while, but as a multipart “Squeeze the money out of fans” deal. I wasn’t that much of a fan, but the whole season for less cost then one-part of a CSI season struck me as a good deal. Like Frasier and Cheers, Xena was a spin-off from Hercules and just like Frasier and Cheers I never got on with the parent.

Hercules (keep wanting to type Herakles) was simply too bland a character – I’ll use my gifts to help people, in the course of that I’ll marry have kids, still help people; then my wife and children will be murdered and I’ll dedicate myself to going out and using my talents to help people; yawn. As a character Xena had a much more interesting back-story and besides at the time I found Gabrielle (Renee O’Connor) cute.

[Update 1/9/10- "at the time" which suggests I don't now, which would be inaccurate]

Anyway most importantly the first season introduces Callisto played with manic glee by Hudson Leick; and a little worrying she is too. Tone, body language, facial expressions are all broadcasting Radio Free Insanity; fruitloops on all frequencies. Damn she’s fun to watch.


Anonymous said...

Have you already forgotten Flash, and Mr. Muscle for that matter? Of course, women always do the housework in adverts because it's usually women who buy the housework consumables. I completely agree with you about Dove's real women: it is somewhat reminiscent of an advert for a women's magazine I saw a few years ago, which promised articles about "celebrities, and real people." I knew what they meant but couldn't help a sigh.

FlipC said...

Oh yes Flash where he only does the work it because with Flash it's quick and easy, or Mr Muscle where even a weed can deal with tough stains; both very empowering to men ;-) Actually I haven't seen either for a while.

"celebrities and real people" rings bells wasn't it the tagline for "Pick Me Up"?

Ha I've got it, it's the Bounty adverts! That's what all the fake women are infiltrating.