Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Traffic signs

Two signs at Mitton Street that made me chortle. "Vehicles should use both lanes and merge at roadworks" hah yeah right - traffic doesn't use both lanes and merge when they know the lane they're moving into is clear they're certainly not going to do it when they know they're going to get stuck.

Secondly "Pedestrians use other footpath" just past the Chinese takeaway on the right.

That is roughly where the first cone is on this image. Take a look at the other side of the road. Do you see a footpath? If you answered "no" well done that's because there's never been one there. Now one might state that there's a footpath further up towards the corner except a) that still leaves a gap in which pedestrians need to use the carriageway and b) no there isn't because it's also currently being dug up.

They've removed the footpath and then instructed pedestrians to use a non-existent alternative. Applause, applause.